Award Winning Drama On Your Doorstep!


The productions for the coming 2017/18 season have now been agreed.

They will be announced here soon.


Open Auditions for Dark Lucy, the first play of the season, will be held at Redcliffe Bay Hall, Portishead, at 8pm on Thursday 22nd June and Monday 26th June.  Being Open Auditions you do not need to be a member to come along. 

Dark Lucy is a dark thriller written by Philip King and Parnell Bradbury, presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd. It investigates the mystery of a young girl’s disappearance and her connection with the village recluse.

It will be directed by Dave Richardson for performance 12/13/14 October 2017.



Fancy some Shakespeare this week?

  This Friday June 23 at 7:15pm at Cafe Lido

(Portishead Open Air Pool)


Shakespeare for Fun

An evening in which to ‘spout a bit of Shakespeare’


There will be a charge of £4 per person. (Open to non-members)


Come prepared to act out some scenes and have fun doing it, the scenes will include:


Julius Caesar  [Act III, Sc 2]

In which Mark Antony speaks at Caesar’s funeral. Characters: Mark Antony and crowd.


The Taming Of The Shrew  [Act II Sc1 ]

In which Petruccio tries to woo Kate. Characters: Petruccio and Kate.


The Merchant of Venice  [Act IV Sc 1]

In which Portia asks for mercy and for payment. Characters: Portia, Bassanio, Nerrisa and Gratiano.


Hamlet  [Act IV Sc 1]

In which Hamlet discusses affairs with the grave digger. Characters: Hamlet and Clown.


The Merchant of Venice  [Act III Sc1]

In which Shylock gets news from a friend of his absconded daughter. Characters: Shylock and Tubal


A Midsummer Night’s Dream  [Act V Sc 1]

In which the mechanicals perform their play at the Duke’s wedding. Characters: Puck, Quince, Bottom, Snout, Starveling, Flute, and Snug.


A little editing has been done to suit the evening.  If you would like to volunteer to play one of the characters then please contact John Fidell.  There is no gender typing and no learning is required: scripts will be provided.  Scenes might be re-enacted as appropriate.  The audience will be expected to offer their services as extras and walk-ons.



Come along to a Third Thursday Social at the Impero Lounge (The Albion from January or contact us for more information.


Portishead Players are a group of amateur drama enthusiasts based in Portishead, near Bristol. The group puts on four high quality productions a year, generally three plays and one musical or pantomime. 


We welcome 'all comers' whether just to enjoy a good night out at your local theatre or to become more involved front stage, back stage or just helping out. 


In addition, the group has raised considerable sums of money selling raffle tickets in aid of various charitable organisations.  Last season the total amount raised was £1,069.30.  The group appreciates the support given to these raffles, not only by buying the raffle tickets but also for the excellent prizes that are donated.  


Please browse the website where you will find details of the forthcoming productions by clicking What's On or more about getting involved by clicking Membership.


 As last year telephone booking will be available - see Box Office for details.




The vast majority of the numerous photographs on this website are reproduced here by kind permission of William Pummell and Paul Hannawi. 

Thank you William and Paul for all your work.