Blood Brothers - Play Version 

24th - 26th October 2019

Written by Willy Russell

Directed by Janet Astley

Our season opener takes us to Liverpool in a heart-wrenching play which telling the tragic story of the Johnstone twins. 

Twin brothers, Mickey and Edward, are separated at birth as their mother struggles to cope with the financial burden of her ever-growing family. Raised streets apart in the heart of Liverpool, the boys' lives take two very different paths.However, following a chance meeting the pair form an unlikely friendship.

But what will happen if they ever find out the secret of their shared history? Will an ill-fated prophecy come true?


Overflowing with tension, superstition, emotion and a sprinkling of humour, Blood Brothers is a play which will have you gripped from the opening line, to the last.

Please note Blood Brothers contains adult themes 

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Wizard of Oz

12th-14th December 2019

Written by L. Frank Baum

Music and Lyrics by Harold Arlen and E.Y Harburg

Directed by Karley Hughes and Rich MacPherson

Join Dorothy and friends on the yellow brick road this Christmas to celebrate 80 years of this magical musical!


There really is “no place like home” as we travel to wonderful world of Oz with Dorothy an ordinary girl who find herself in extraordinary circumstances. Joined by the Scarecrow, Tin-Man and Lion, she attempts to find her way home with the help of the Wizard. 

But all it not what it seems. Will she get home, before the Wicked Witch finally gets her revenge? 


A true tale of courage, friendship and belonging. Come with us over the rainbow and let your troubles melt like lemon drops in this toe-tapping family friendly musical.

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Arabian Nights

27th to 29th of February 2020

A Portishead Young Players Production

Travel with us to the mystical Middle East for a brand new take on an ancient classic from our Portishead Young Players.

Young Shahrazad, sets out to save her country from the clutches of it's cruel king. Armed only with the power of stories, she seeks to melt the king’s heart, over 1001 nights, with tales of thieves, sailors and princes. Portishead Young Players presents a new, colourful, imagining of these centuries old tales, featuring characters both well-known and new.

Are you sitting comfortably? Very well, listen... as Shahrazad takes us on a magical journey through the enchanting land of the Arabian Nights


You will be able to view the photos from all our productions in our 2019/20 gallery - coming soon
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Ladies Day


Written by Amanda Whittington

Directed by Sandra Goodall

This warm - hearted comedy follows the ups and downs of four friends as they spend an unforgettable day at the races

For Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda life is one long slog. In the year Royal Ascot relocates to York, our four fish- filleting friends quit the monotony of work for a spontaneous day out.


They head to the races, full of hope and excitement. Will the passion for fashion, racing adrenaline and champagne bubbles combine for a successful day out? Or will hidden truths be revealed to ruin their fun? Fate or fortune will decide. But one thing is sure - we are heading for a photo finish.


Swap your factory hair nets for fascinators, we’re off to the races!

You will be able to view the photos from all our productions in our 2019/20 gallery - coming soon

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